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Problems with WiFi Disc in living room since firmware update to v0.26.03.01286-BT on 16th April

Hi Folks,

I have 1 WiFi disc in the living room connected to our SH2 is the upstairs in our office.

On 2 occasions since 16th April, following a firmware update to the hub, our Sky box is complaining that it's lost Internet connectivity.  I've also noticed slow WiFi speeds on my mobile phone.

If I power cycle the WiFi disc, then everything is back to normal.

I've never had to do this at all since we had upgraded to BT's Halo package several years ago.  We switched to full fibre in October of last year and I sync'd the disc to the new SH2 that I received.

I know there are better routers out there but this setup has been working fine for years.


Has anyone else found issues since the latest firmware update?



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