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Problems with sending and receiving emails from Samsung tablets

For the last 3 weeks, we have been on bt mail (no Yahoo logos any more) and this is the length of time we have had problems sending and receiving email using Samsung tablets. Quite often, a sent mail goes into Outbox and we get a pop up message saying outgoing mail settings are wrong. Reentering password, deleting account, etc. have no effect. Twice I have lost long email replies from the Outbox. Not sent, not in Drafts, not in Sent folder, just GONE. My wife sent me two emails from her laptop this morning, neither has been delivered but both show up in her Sent items. We are going to use gmail until BT get this sorted. But we won't wait long (and ringing helplines is just a waste of time)

I should add that weI are still using BTBroadband because we don't want to change our email addresses ( or pay £5 per month each to take them elsewhere. But recent problems mean we are thinking of turning our back on BT completely, despite the inconvenience to us. 


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Re: Problems with sending and receiving emails from Samsung tablets

Bumping this

SeanD on the thread 'Monstrous new BT email upgrade' (message 1432) wrote

"If you are having a problem with your email that is not listed in our update thread, then please create your own thread so help can be offered.  This particular thread is not the ideal location to seek help on individual issues"

So I am waiting.....

In the meantime, might this be a sub-account issue as SeanD wrote in 'Email migrations- update from BT'?

"Email sub-account remains on BT Yahoo when a primary email address has been moved to the new platform.  You have told us that some of your email accounts have been migrated while others have not, which means that you may find that you cannot use the new BT mail app for all your email addresses – We are looking into ways to improve this process by grouping email accounts together so that when you are migrated, all your emails will be migrated to the new platform"

I suggest this because on my tablet, the email app. seems to have settled down, but my wife's tablet will now neither send nor receive mail from the app. But both tablets are using the bt servers, so maybe its something else....

Is there a known issue with the Samsung email app.? We have v

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Re: Problems with sending and receiving emails from Samsung tablets

Hi @GrahamB1 sorry your wife is still experiencing problems with sending and receiving from the app. There are no known issues with Samsung devices.

Was she able to use the app ok before and can she use webmail ok still?

Has she provided feedback and rating on the app review? 



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Re: Problems with sending and receiving emails from Samsung tablets

Thanks for the response John. Everything was working fine before for both of us and webmail is ok, but with rather limited functionality on the Samsung browser (probably nothing to do with bt mail).

Not tried feedback on the app., we assumed this was a bt issue as we both had it, starting around the same time.

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Re: Problems with sending and receiving emails from Samsung tablets

Having read a bit more, I realised that talk on this forum of 'the email app.' may have been referring to the BT email app, not the Samsung email app. So we are  now trying the BT app. First impressions are that it works OK,  but time will tell. It is annoying that the Samsung app. does not work, but perhaps more annoying that imprecise use of language has been a hindrance to sorting this issue more quickly. There is an issue with the Samsung email app., but we may be able to ignore this now.

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