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Profile Reset Request (for Mods thank you)


I had a few issues with my connection in 2020 so had a number of calls with BT support and had various Openreach engineers who, bit by bit, worked out where the main fault was and also changed the Master Socket to the latest spec.

The main problem was just outside the house causing line drops and this has been sorted. 

After the final visit, things still didn't seem to be quite right so I relented and moved my router from a dedicated data spur and plugged it directly to the Master Socket. Since then the connection has been very stable with only the occasional rare drop every few weeks.

Unfortunately, it would appear that my changing things around before the DLM had really finished it's job after the visit (or perhaps not quickly enough for it to assess the line with the router connected to the Master Socket), on top of the connection not really being quite right after the visit, has resulted in my connection being banded with a Noise Margin up at 9dB and a max data rate of exactly 49.00Mbps vs a max of around 61. I had stable download speeds on Ookla of 54-59(G.imp?) in early 2020 with pings around 7ms so know my FTTC connection is capable of speeds higher than the 43Mbps, albeit stable with good pings, that I'm currently getting.

We are a house with 2 teenage students who suck up plenty of bandwidth, plus 3 of us are also avid gamers, so every bit of line quality counts.

I'm politely requesting that my profile be reset so that DLM can reconfigure my connection to the speed that it was at before things went wrong around a year ago, and have attached a screenshot showing the connection unbroken for 4 weeks. I hope this is enough to prove that I really do have a stable connection, should no longer be on a banded profile, and should be able to take advantage of whatever speeds and modulations that my line can handle.

Thank you for taking the time to consider my request.

29 days stable connection.JPG

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Re: Profile Reset Request (for Mods thank you)

Unlike ADSL lines ISP's cannot reset DLM on a VDSL line.

As long as the line remains stable DLM should relent.

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Re: Profile Reset Request (for Mods thank you)

Ah, I didn't realize that the others who had success with this on here had a line different to mine and that this was the case with VDSL.

May I politely ask how the OpenReach engineers kickstart the process after they have made a visit, as happened on each of the visits I had, with only the final (ironically only truly successful visit) resulting in my being banded to 9dB/49.00Mbps?

Also how long will it take before the DLM relents and realises that my line can handle more?

Thank you for your help.

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Re: Profile Reset Request (for Mods thank you)

Hi @JohnnyFP Thanks for posting, I'll send you a private message so you can get in touch with the moderators and we'll be happy to help with the broadband profile issues you're experiencing.



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Re: Profile Reset Request (for Mods thank you)



Openreach announced in October that the facility to request Remote DLM Resets would be available to all operators subject to an onboarding charge. The facility went live in November 2020.

@NeilO It would be useful if one of the mods could confirm that BT Retail took up the option. ( I would really like the opportunity to have one, having been banded at 44mbps when syncing at 55mbps for eight months.)


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Re: Profile Reset Request (for Mods thank you)

Hi @NoSirItWasntMe yes, it's possible to request Openreach to reset the DLM in certain circumstances. I can't see any recent posts from you regarding this issue, could I ask that you create your own thread and post the router stats so we can take a look?



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Re: Profile Reset Request (for Mods thank you)

@NoSirItWasntMe  I knew they did a trial last year but I missed that it had been implemented and BT had bought the service.

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Re: Profile Reset Request (for Mods thank you)


@NeilO will do, hadn't opened one before as was waiting confirmation that BT Retail had taken up the facility.

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