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Re: Cannot connect following router reset

I don't know about routeer, but my laptop will not now connect to BT email after I gave it a Microsoft pc clean. Other websites are not affected, only BT

aLL I get is 'webmail' in the top line of the screen and then a box which says "Error -Unable to connect to the serveror it is slow to respond" and a n 'ok' button.

Well it is not ok

THEN - I go into another website, and when I come out my mail has magically appeared !


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Re: Cannot connect following router reset

Do you think the clue could be in "after I gave it a Microsoft pc clean".

What exactly is a "Microsoft PC clean"? It may have cleaned out some important information that is required for the website to connect.

Have you carried out a "Restart", not a "Shut Down" and "Start" of your PC since doing your "Microsoft PC clean"?

What happens when you use this link

BT Email 


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Re: Monstrous new BT email upgrade

I don't know why this suddenly appeared on my screen !

So please don't say this is confusing as it is no more confusing than instructions on how to use the BT system. I don't read these as it is not my job to learn new tricks. No-one had to teach me how to use the yahoo system many years ago.


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