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Re: Lost landline number

  • Good Afternoon, i have recently had my number lost of 25 years , please can anyone advise if i can get my number back ? 
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Re: Lost landline number

I moved your post to start own thread as previous thread was marked solved

are you a BT customer?

how did you come to lose your phone number?

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Re: Lost landline number


If you have had the number for 25 years then I guess it was probably issued by BT, and is owned by BT.

If you are a BT customer, then unless you have moved outside of your local telephone exchange area, then there is no reason why you should have lost your number.

If you have ported your BT number to another provider in the past, then if you try to port it again to another provider, it will be returned back to BT and you will lose the number unless you move back to BT and are still in the same exchange area.

If you would like to explain what has happened, then you should be able to get more advice. But I suspect that the situation I have described above, is what has happened, as its a very common problem.

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Re: Lost landline number

Hi, keith , thanks for your reply, i was with Bt for a good number of years , and recently changed provider to now tv , they initially ported the number successfully, but when i came to change account holder details, they stated a new number would be required, and proceeded to issue a new number. Is there any way to request this number back ?
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Re: Lost landline number


When did you first move your number away from BT Retail?

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Re: Lost landline number

Just to add some more info.

If you have moved directly from BT to NowTV then the number would have been ported, as you have already said.

Changing the account holder will result in a new contract being started, so the old account would have been closed, and the phone number associated with it, would have been returned to BT, to be re-issued some years in the future, to another customer.

The only way to get your original number back, would be to either move back to BT Retail, which could involve NowTV  wanting cancellation charges, or have an additional line installed from BT Retail

BT Retail would issue a new number, but provided you are still living at the same address, its normally possible to get the line renumbered back to your original number. This would involve manual intervention.

There is no other way that this can be done, so you have to decide whether its worth the cost involved.

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Re: Lost landline number

Good morning keith , i really need to get my old number back , please can you advise how i can start the process. The number was lost about a month ago .
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Re: Lost landline number

@Skyviewer54 wrote:
Good morning keith , i really need to get my old number back , please can you advise how i can start the process. The number was lost about a month ago .

I have already explained your options, on my last post.

As you are probably out of the period that you can cancel without penalty with NowTV, your only option I can see left, would be to have an additional line installed from BT Retail, provided you have not moved house.

There is no way to get your number back with NowTV, as its now been returned to BT.

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Re: Lost landline number

Please bear in mind, that this is a BT Retail customer forum, and you are not a BT Retail customer, so there is nothing forum members can do to help. You could complain to NowTV.

I am just a BT customer offering advice, based on my many years experience with dealing with similar issues.

The issue has arisen because you changed the account holder with NowTV, resulting in the original account, which had the ported number, being closed. That is normal procedure for all providers.

As NowTV did not own that number, it was returned to the original number owner, BT Retail.

The only remaining option that I can see, it to pay for the installation and line rental, for a new additional line from BT.

Its never 100% guaranteed that you would bet your number back, but its usually possible provided you are living at the same address.

If you decide to go down that route, then when you have a working additional line from BT, then its possible that a manual renumber request can be made via this forum.