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Re: Mini WiFi Home Hotspot 600 Kit

Hi, I was going to post a new question, but this one matches my situation perfectly

I also have the Mini Home Hotspot/extender 600 kit, and it has been working pretty well for a couple of years. The extender is/was hard-wired to the Hub4 router and the two hotspots are in different rooms. Thick-walled stone cottage

Around 6 months ago, I upgraded my BT package and was sent the Hub6 [SmartHub?] to use. In all other respects, this was fine but, in terms of the extender/hotspots, they have never been right since - basically, the wifi signal in those two rooms is patchy and intermittent, cutting out altogether on a frequent basis. At all times, the green lights are all illuminated

The only way I can use my TV [via Amazon Fire Stick] is to factory reset the hotspot every time I want to watch Netflix or whatever. Clearly this is unsustainable...

Last night I logged onto the SmartHub manager. It showed the two hotspots but, over the course of the evening, they both showed as "connected" or "disconnected" on a random basis - It seemed to me that the hotspots were frequently losing the signal to/from the extender, which seems implausible seeing as the connection is via the domestic wiring. I guess it could equally be the extender losing its connection to the router, but that is also by direct ethernet connection

Can anyone help?

[As a matter of interest, I now have a boxed SmartHub2 waiting for me to install, but I don't perceive any benefit of this unit compared to the Hub6 in terms of range or signal strength, so I plan to leave it in its box until I resolve the problem above]

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Re: Mini WiFi Home Hotspot 600 Kit


Did you leave the hotspot SSIDs at their default SSID or did you try and clone the home hub setting? (not a good idea)

Also make sure you turn smart setup off on the home hub.

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Re: Mini WiFi Home Hotspot 600 Kit

Hi Keith, thanks

Yes, I left the hotspot SSIDs as they were, i.e. not cloned

No, I have not tried switching off Smart Setup - I'll give that a try, and reset the extenders/hotspots

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Re: Mini WiFi Home Hotspot 600 Kit

Another thing you can do to reduce disconnections, is to manually change the hotspot wireless channels so that each one is on a different channel.

You can set one to channel 1 and the other to channel 6. In theory, the home hub should then stay on channel 11.

You can access each hotspot by connecting to it, and going to the address


Use the admin password written on the hotspot, to alter the settings.

Wireless selection defaults to automatic, but you can change it to manual.

Fixing the wireless channels can save a lot of automatic channel switching which causes disconnections.

The hotspot 600s usually work very well with the BT Home hubs, but they can give problems on other routers if the router gateway address is, which can happen if people are using third party routers.

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Re: Mini WiFi Home Hotspot 600 Kit

Keith, that’s great; thanks for your help

For reasons I won’t bore you with, I will not be able to try out these fixes until the weekend. But I’ll respond with results next week. Cheers 

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Re: Mini WiFi Home Hotspot 600 Kit

Hello again, Keith

Thanks again for your help. I [eventually] managed to implement all your suggestions. So far - so good. The hotspot in the living room has worked pretty well and I've successfully accessed Netflix via my Amazon Firestick there several times

The upstairs hotspot is kind of working properly, although it has reported "No internet connection" a couple of times, even though the WiFi signal indicates it's strong and devices will connect to it

I notice, on both hotspots, that devices don't automatically connect to them, even though the signal is stronger than that from the distant router in both locations - this used to happen automatically with my previous configuration [Hub4 plus these two hotspots]. Is this because the hotspot channels are now fixed, I wonder?

Also, if I have to reset the hotspots for any reason, will I have to re-configure the fixed channels for them?

Anyway. Fingers crossed that they continue to work OK. Cheers...

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Re: Mini WiFi Home Hotspot 600 Kit

Devices will always hold on to a connection, even if its weaker. Its only managed mesh wireless systems which can switch automatically for most devices.

The fixed channels would have no bearing on that.

If you get a good signal, but poor connectivity, it can mean that there is too much interference from other nearby routers on that channel, so try changing the channel number of that hotspot.

If you think that automatic channel selection works better, then try that.

There are plenty of Android wireless utilities to check channel usage. The free Netgear Wifi Analytics app is very good.

The fixed channel setting would only be lost on a factory reset,

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Re: Mini WiFi Home Hotspot 600 Kit

OK, thanks again

If I press the "reset" button [tiny hole on the right side of the hotspot] does that constitute a "factory reset?"

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Re: Mini WiFi Home Hotspot 600 Kit

@geofashton wrote:

OK, thanks again

If I press the "reset" button [tiny hole on the right side of the hotspot] does that constitute a "factory reset?"

I would say yes, but I am not sure. It probably easier to simply turn the power switch off for 10 seconds, and then back on again. That would allow it to re-establish the link back to the master unit.

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