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Re: Notification of Contract Ending

I received an email from BT on 06/05/20 notifying me my broadband contract will soon end and a link to renew. Not sure when it was to end I checked my account and shows it was renewed on 14/04/20. I don't recall renwing it and I hadn't received notification of pending contract end. Trying to contact BT regarding this is a nightmare as the only way seems to be by phone, which means hanging on for a lifetime before someones answers or get cut off after half an hour. Don't know whether to ignore last notification and see what happens. The renewed contract doesn't even show cotract length, how can BT get away with this?😠  

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Re: Notification of Contract Ending


You can call this number  0800 800 030, that number is for contract renewals only. They usually answer very quickly, and you can discuss the renewal of your discounts.