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Re: Upgrade from Fibre 250 to Fibre 900

Im looking to do the same   but I would like a new smarthub as i think my currently one is faulty. Ive been through the hoops with technical where they try different things e.g switch off everything, switch off modem etc but i still get dropouts. Tech advised maybe trying the complete wi-fi so I thought ok maybe upgrade and get the newer faster speeds, complete wifi and a replacement smarthub but whenever i sign into my account there are no upgrade options for the new 500 or 900 speeds. i have to call up and then get quoted extortionate prices such as an extra £20 a month and new 24 month contract.

Im under contract for my existing speed and I want to pay more for a faster speed with the complete wifi but not an extra £20 PM.

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Re: Upgrade from Fibre 250 to Fibre 900

Ring the FTTP team. 0800 587 4787

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