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Re: renewal of broadband and landline

Having been with BT and its predecessor for 50 years I am used, nowadays, to "negotiating"  a price as renewal comes up.  But something makes me feel that the biennial ritual has come to an end and there is just the price.  With CityFibre sitting at my garden gate and OpenReach saying there are no plans to bring me FTTP, I face options quite soon.  Fibre now or wait 2 or more years for OR to finish the job they started behind my house 18 months ago.

Leaving BT would be a wrench as I have had the same telephone number for 35 years and my email address for at least 25 years.

Are others seeing the same sort of issues?

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Re: renewal of broadband and landline

There are loads of 'Alt-nets' popping up all over and recently Virgin Media cabled my area, I've had offers pushed through the door weekly and the odd salesman knocking, although Virgin Media can offer me a far faster service (Gig1 Fibre Broadband Vs Fibre 2 @ 66 Mbps).

Overall I'm happy with BT and it's reliable so I can't see me switching, sometimes better the devil you know but it's nice to have options.

I think competition forces ISP's to improve service, where once it was a race to the bottom for cost per month, now it's all about convergence, for example Halo broadband doubles mobile data, offers unlimited mobile data and a keep connected promise to stay online in the event of a fault, sending out free engineers to check devices are setup right or to have someone do it when you can't.

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Re: renewal of broadband and landline

@-Richie- I think I'm in the same place as you, although I don't need a mobile or mobile data, would prefer to continue with a connection as reliable as my current 60M connection. But when copper goes "a change is gonna come" and that seems to be hiding just around the corner.

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