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Receiving emails from blocked senders

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So I stupidly unsubscribed from a mailing list and since have received a stream of junk email direct into my main i ox. So I am marking these as spam and blocking the sender, however I am still receiving emails into my main inbox (not spam or junk) despite it saying the email is from a blocked sender.

What is the point in blocking and marking as spam as does nothing. How do I stop these emails from going into my main inbox?

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Re: Receiving emails from blocked senders

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If you are blocking and marking as spam this must be done by logging onto your email account via a web browser (webmail).

However you will probably find that all you have blocked is the email address that shows in your inbox and that is usually not the actual email address that is being used by the spammers. They spoof email addresses to make them appear to have come from one email address when in fact they have originated from another.

You should keep marking them as spam and eventually the spam filters will catch up and bock them and the spammer will move on to somebody else.

As you are no doubt aware you should never unsubscribe from something that you have never subscribed to. All you are doing is alerting the spammers/scammers that they have hit on a live/active email address and they will mark it as such and add it to their list of addresses for sale so that other spammers can also target you.

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Re: Receiving emails from blocked senders

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I have much the same problem on my BT account however I do not receive the blocked emails on my BT account that is linked with my Gmail account!


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