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Recontracting broadband to keep bt sport discount


I have bt fibre broadband and bt sport and have received emails recently to say that the BT Sport discount I have is ending soon. If I want to continue the discount it offers me to recontract my broadband. 

Following the link gets me to a page that says Renew Now and looks like it will create a new order. I don’t want to click on that link only to find I have then already committed to the new contract. I would like to review the offer first. Will this link complete the order or will there be another step. 

Normally, I would call them and discuss but don’t think this is possible right now and no chat facility.

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Re: Recontracting broadband to keep bt sport discount

There are so many steps to go through, it's unbelivabale. And when you've finished with them, you have to confirm the order

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Re: Recontracting broadband to keep bt sport discount

phone the options team on 0800800030 as they are dealing with contract renewals and  you can discuss and see what you can negotiate

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Re: Recontracting broadband to keep bt sport discount

I get so confused by what gets sent upon renewal, too. Got caught out last time as, although the broadband and bt sport continued at the agreed, discounted rate for a few months, once the timeframe of the original discount had ended for the broadband, it's price went up 😞
I hope to avoid anything like that this time.
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