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Refer a friend declined


I used the referred my daughter for the refer a friend scheme . She subsequently purchased a broadband package on 4th January, with installation on the 24th.

We both received confirmation emails regarding the £50 amazon voucher.

We are both awaiting the vouchers, but having checked my account it says the referral has been unsuccessful. 

Her broadband package is up and running so please can someone explain why this has been declined.



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Re: Refer a friend declined

Hello @DPL - Welcome to to Community Forum.

Looking at the T&Cs, as I'm sure you have, it seems reasonable to skip down to paragraph 12 since you have both received confirmation emails.

Given where you've got to, these appear to be the final steps

12. Once the Friend purchases a qualifying BT broadband product, both the Referrer and the Friend will receive a £50 Gift Card (“Gift Card”), by email within 45 days of the purchase if the following conditions are met:

  1. The Referrer and the Friend must be eligible to enter the promotion and follow the instructions as set out above;

  2. Both Referrer and Friend must be outside of their cooling off cancellation period (usually 14 days from service start date and must still be with BT broadband; and

  3. Both Referrer and Friend must have paid at least once full bill since the Friend joined.

From what you have said about dates already, the bill payment requirement (for both of you) seems the only issue you haven't covered in your narrative so far?

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Re: Refer a friend declined

Hello Longshanks.

I can confirm both accounts are active with direct debit payments in place 

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Re: Refer a friend declined


Hello Longshanks.

I can confirm both accounts are active with direct debit payments in place 

So, if BT regard activation as the same date as installation (i.e. 24th January) and you are both on monthly billing / direct debits then I imagine you must both have had full monthly bills generated and paid since 24th January.

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Re: Refer a friend declined

That is correct

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Re: Refer a friend declined

Hi DPL and welcome.

I'm sorry there's been some confusion with the offer. I'm sure I'll be able to help. I've sent you a private message explaining how you can contact the forum moderation team. Just drop me over a reply with the details and we’ll check it out.



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Re: Refer a friend declined

I've had a look at the Rewards guidance on the Help pages but, I suspect like you, have come up with a blank.

The instructions concentrate on Rewards Cards and, having explained that Amazon Gift cards are dealt with differently, the link takes you straight back to..... Reward Cards ! Not helpful.

The Contact Us link also takes you into generic sections where Rewards doesn't not seem to feature, either under the product heading or within Accounts & Billing.  Also not helpful.

Apart from writing a letter, I think you are left with 2 options - either follow the What do I do if I haven’t received my reward? FAQ advice - essentially phone (big delays being widely reported at the moment)


Wait for one of the forum Moderators to pick this up and interrogate the system on your behalf.  The Mods are the only BT employees on this forum in an official capacity and they too are working systematically through a backlog at the moment.

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Re: Refer a friend declined

Clearly my last post crossed with @DavidM !

I am sure you are now on the right path to getting this sorted.

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