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Remote control issues Toshiba TV

Just received our new BT box, all connected and set up apart from the BT remote. Tried several times using the 5523 set up, including a couple of resets. Whilst it will then switch the TV off, it will not switch it back on with either the TV power button or the OK button. You then have to switch TV on using Toshiba remote, the BT remote controls the channels (as that is through the box) but will not control the volume or switch TV off or on.

One remote for all would be good! Anyone assist?

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Re: Remote control issues Toshiba TV

Hi @ScottsBears85 some TV's require you to hold the power button for a couple of seconds before they'll turn back on so I'd recommend giving that a try. 

Depending on when your Toshiba TV was manufactured it may need a different code as they were taken over by Hisense in 2017. The Hisense code is 1793



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Re: Remote control issues Toshiba TV

I have tried 5523 and 1793 multiple times with no joy on my new Toshiba TV. The previous Toshiba TV worked fine when I set the BT TV remote. Any other codes I could try ?

I follow the instruction and get the TV to turn off with my BT TV remote but cannot get it to recognise switching the TV back on or the volume keys.

I would have thought a brand-new Toshiba TV would easily work. The BT TV box is relatively new (within the last 2 years) and the TV is this year's model.

Thanks, in anticipation,

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Re: Remote control issues Toshiba TV

Try Vestel 2811.

If that doesn't work try the scrolling method described here.

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Re: Remote control issues Toshiba TV

Sorry. Just tried that code and does not work. I am stuck 🙁

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Re: Remote control issues Toshiba TV

What eventually worked was using the 5523 code, the TV switched off (after 2 minutes), then keep your finger on the TV button (slow flashing blue light) to try and switch it back on and after 2 or 3 minutes (I presume the controller is scrolling through various codes) the TV switched on and hey presto - I can now control the basic functions of the TV with my BT remote. Happy days.