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Removing Master Socket

Now we have FFTP installed and working along with digital phones, am I right in thinking we don't need the Master Socket any more? The old copper wire leading from the telegraph pole is still there for now but I'm told they will remove it in due course, and we have a brand new fibre cable coming into the house via a different location.

Can I (legally) now remove the Master Socket and associated cabling? If so, how far can I remove it to? And do I need to do any tests on the line to make sure it's not live or anything?

Any advice gratefully received.

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Re: Removing Master Socket

Quick update--I checked it and although it's supposed to be disabled, there's still 50 volts going through it, so I contacted BT chat and they're sending an engineer tomorrow to remove it all. Apparently it's part of the Halo service 🙂
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