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Removing TV Channels / New BT TV

Hi I’ve had an email saying that all of my BT TV channels will be removed basically making my Youview box a freeview box.

There’s the option to upgrade to the new Entertainment Package but reading the website it a little confusing. It says Now membership is included so it sounds to me that the new BT TV is just Freeview + AMC and that the other channels are just through now TV - is this how it works?

If so what’s the benefit of BT TV (other than AMC) when I could just use freeview or freesat and have a now TV subscription?

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Re: Removing TV Channels / New BT TV

The channels you get from NOW are available in the EPG in the same way as Freeview etc so you can pause/rewind, record etc.

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Re: Removing TV Channels / New BT TV

If you have a third party Now TV subscription / day pass then you can use it with the Now TV app on the BT Youview box but you will not be able to record live Now TV channels (eg sport) to watch later. And you need to use the app rather than go through the EPG.  For recordability you need to subscribe to a BT TV package that includes the Now TV channels of interest.

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Re: Removing TV Channels / New BT TV

So the benefit of BT TV is the ability to record the Now channels. But aren’t these shows on Now tv to stream if you wanted to watch them later?

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