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Return old equipment.

I rejoined BT in Feb2020 and got a home hub, I then upgraded to Halo and got a home hub 2, I was not asked to return my home hub, maybe due to Covid??? So I took it to be recycled. I have just upgraded to FTTP and will get a new hub in the post. I have been asked to return both the old ones. I obviously don't have the first one. Will I be charged or? Does anyone have similar experiences?

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Re: Return old equipment.

Equipment sent on or after December 2019 is on loan, for a Smart Hub 1 the charge for non-return is £43, you should of held on to it as BT now want it back and you can't.

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Re: Return old equipment.

Yea, question is, do they actually charge if you upgraded or are still a customer, or is this more if you cancel with them. It says "you may be charged £43"

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Re: Return old equipment.

Complain to BT via resolver. The Executive Office will respond and are very accommodating,  providing your request is reasonable.

Using email to raise issues is far more effective than using 150!

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