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Reward Card

My claiming of reward Card has expired?????


I ordered this offer online on BT website. After the order confirmation, I got this info below.

There was no information on how to get my reward card. All I saw during my purchase was small "i" icon on the reward card deal. when I read, it said terms and conditions apply. nothing else after that


I am here waiting for the mastercard reward card and BT tells me I have missed my chance to get it?????


Is BT being a **bleep** by hiding all the main info and making customers think that the reward card will be posted by mail?


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Re: Reward Card

@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx I'm sorry that you have cause to complain, I can assure you that this information is not hidden from customers. It is specified when you hover over the 'i' icon that you need to claim the reward card and on the order page there is a link explaining how you can redeem your reward card.


If you haven't claimed within 3 months of your broadband being installed regrettably the option to claim it expires.

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