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Reward and m and s voucher

I took out a package in feb 2020 and was promised a M&S voucher and a preloaded reward card . My broadband is now up and running and have paid two bills , however I’ve tried to claim and it says I have no rewards to claim . Claimed the M&S voucher and not received it but when I go to reward history it says I have not claimed any . Can anyone help ? 

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Re: Reward and m and s voucher


Welcome to this user forum.

The M&S vouchers do not show up in rewards, so you will just have to wait, as they are processed manually and are taking much longer than the 47 days specified.

Did you claim the reward card? BT Reward Card 

Was the order placed via a third party site, as there have been issues with these orders?

Unfortunately its not going to be possible at this time, for the forum moderators to investigate these promotions, as they are dealing with priority welfare escalations only. I will hover see if they can add you to their queue.

You can try ringing BT Billing on 0800 800 150

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Re: Reward and m and s voucher

@Wendy-burns60, I'm sorry you're unable to claim your reward card. I'll send you a private message and we'll be able to help with your reward card claim, the M&S vouchers normally take up to 45 days to arrive after you've claimed but these have been delayed due to the current situation. 

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