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Reward card activation expiry

Last year we were due to move to our new house and in preparation I signed up to BT and claimed my Reward Card. I received my activation email (which did not mention I only had 3 months to activate ite it). Very sadly as soon as this happened my father in law became very ill and as he wanted to remain at home we had to care for him 24/7 until he passed away and were unable to move to our new home until this January. I also totally forgot about activating the Reward card. I understand that I was supposed to have activated the card within 3 months and that this isn’t BT’s fault but I was hoping there could be something that could be done so that I don’t lose £200 given the extenuating circumstances.

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Re: Reward card activation expiry

Hi @13022017,


Welcome to the community forum and thank you for posting.


I'm really sorry to hear about the passing of you Father In-law. With regards to the BT Rewards Card, the cards does need to be activated within 3 months of your services going live.


You can find more information here Information about the BT Reward Card


When did your services go active?


You can contact the Rewards Team directly using the link BT Rewards Team and they'll let you know if anything can be done to activate your card.








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Re: Reward card activation expiry

I have sent messages to the Reward Team, they have advised that they can’t help me. I have asked if the activation emails could be improved so that it advises people of the 3 month cut off for activating their cards and also if situations like this could be added to your (otherwise excellent) bereavement service. I am sure I can’t be the only person who unfortunate circumstances such as bereavement have prevented them from claiming their Reward cards. I find it odd that a company as large as BT don’t have a process for helping customers with situations such as mine. However, I would like to add that I am very grateful for how promptly my queries have been dealt with.

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