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SPF problem

I have had a account for 15 years or more.    I am an officer of a voluntary organisation which has its own server.  Officers have generic email addresses with a format like "" (dummy address) and any emails arriving on the organisation server are then automatically forwarded to officers' private email addresses,  in my case to my email address.  For example: a member sends an email to "" and my organisation's "" server then forwards it automatically to "".

This has worked fine for several years but about 2 months ago I suddenly got reports that I hadn't replied to emails.  We investigated and found the emails were arriving OK on our organisation's server but when forwarded to my private email address were being blocked. 

My webmaster tells me:

"I tested out your email and have been sent an error report for non-delivery and it shows that BT Internet are blocking forwarded email because the intermediate server does not match the sending server. The error report is accompanied by an automated suggestion of adding an SPF record but in this scenario it is not possible. The delivery failures are due to BT’s anti-spam policies.

BT could fix this by updating their anti-spam settings to accept messages from *

To fix the forwarded email issue you would need either BT to stop using SPF checks on your incoming email, or ask Gmail to update their SPF settings.

SPF settings are managed by the domain owner. The email receiver then chooses whether to check them for incoming mail and what happens next."


1. Why did this suddenly happen two months ago after years of satisfactory forwarded emails?

2. What can I do to cure the problem?  (or whom should I speak to?) 





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Re: SPF problem

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