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Samsung BT Sport App - Picture quality poor.


When the BT Sport App first came out for the Samsung Smart TV I suffered from 'judder' issues when watching Football, basically if the ball was kicked i would see a trail, almost like a frame rate issue.  Anyway that was resolved by turning off 'auto motion plus' settings on the TV display settings.  However this then causes the 'ticker' (the yellow news bar that runs across the bottom on Sky sports news etc) on the NOW TV app on the TV to judder!!!  I have NOW TV boost so its 1080, the picture itself is fine, no ball tracing but that's not the point the 'judder' on the ticker is annoying.  When watching any other sport on terrestrial or Now TV i do not have to turn off 'auto motion plus' its only BT Sport that needs me to do so, therefore i see this as a BT Sport app issue.

I also have an Apple TV and a NOW TV smart stick and the picture quality of BT Sport is a great deal better on that when i plug it into the same TV.  Unfortunately NOW TV dont do 1080 on Apple TV's.  Sky Sports on the Now TV app on the Samsung TV has a much better picture IMO than the BT Sport app, which is odd because any other device i use BT Sport picture quality is superior.

So my questions are these

1) Any idea how to fix the issue so both NOW TV and BT Sport apps can cohabit on the same TV and actually work as they should.

2) Does anyone else agree that the picture on the Samsung TV BT Sport App is without doubt sub standard in comparison to Apple TV, NOW TV stick and chromecasting?


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Re: Samsung BT Sport App - Picture quality poor.

I used to get BT sport via sky and for cost reasons I cancelled. But with all the cricket coming from Australia and New Zealand I signed up to the app which is supposed to be HD quality for £12 a month. 

It just isn't. 

A still or slow moving picture is fine, but as soon as it moves fast, which is most of the time watching sport, it blurs. 

I've got two large Samsung TVs and motion plus is off. 

The facts of the matter are simply that the quality is nowhere near that of HD via satellite. To be honest some of the 'dodgy' football streams are better quality, so the fault isn't with my TV. 

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