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Security Information is Incorrect

I'm trying to change a password on one of my BT email accounts and when prompted to enter in my security details to change the password I'm told they're incorrect despite knowing myself that they are in fact correct. I've tried upper and lower case just in case that was the issue but to no avail. 

Just thought I would see if anyone has the same issue or knows of the solution before I make a phone call as I know they're busy during these strange times.


Thank you for your help



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Re: Security Information is Incorrect


Just to be safe, have you tried a different browser?


Kind Regards
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Re: Security Information is Incorrect

I have, that was my next thought after posting the question! The reason I'm doing this is because I can't login to one of my email addresses, looking on the forum today I can now see that many people have had the same issue since BT have started making changes. 

One of the solutions there was to disable a McAfee add on, but I don't have that add on so not really sure what to do unless its just going to be a waiting game. 

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