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Settings for new email


Does anybody know are there settings for the new BT Email like there was on BTYahoo, specifically for the time it takes to open an email? Everything seems terribly slow, after clicking on a new mail to the left it takes a good 3/4 seconds before the content is fully displayed, before there was a setting to adjust that time to 0 seconds so it opened instantly then upwards to suit how you wanted it.

TIA, Ron

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Re: Settings for new email

I have exactly the same problem, plus it will not allow me to register my other email accounts from non BT suppliers.

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Re: Settings for new email

It's disgraceful, like they're released it in Beta.
I've been a BTBroadband customer for a long time and have added/deleted many email addresses both on PC and Android over the years without problems but it's a waste of time now!
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Re: Settings for new email

Could someone possibly explain to me how BT could get away with updating the system (well mine anyway) during Covid when they are not around to speak to.......

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Re: We're going to be updating your email service soon

Well, its been 'updated' if you can call it an update.  I studied for donkey's years at school and at university and I never came across the definition of 'improvement' for absolute RUBBISH.  It is now so slow that it is virtually at a - I am off to gmail......goodbye BT

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Re: Settings for new email

Yes the new version is slow when opening mail. I  managed to link outlook but not gmail.

There is an Add option when you click on accounts in settings.

Very poor upgrade.


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