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Sim order

Hi, I see from other posts that my question has been asked before, I am on my second sim order as first was sent to my old address, my old samsung has died and as seems quite common, different size card needed for new phone, I need the phone as I look after my elderley mother who has dementia and is deaf. Any ideas how long I have to wait? I spoke to BT mobile in Swansea, they were very helpful completing the reorder but  no card. Apologies for repeat questions.

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Re: Sim order

They're usually pretty quick, about a day or 2. How old is the present SIM card? these days they come as a standard size which you can the press out depending on which size you need. i.e. a standard sized card which you convert to a Nano SIM with a simple press between your finger and thumb

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Re: Sim order

Present card is micro, new phone nano. You get 3 sims on a card now. Old phone is 7 years old, memory has degraded too much and phone no longer boots.