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Slow Broadband

In Feb 2019, I renewed our BT Broadband contract and got a letter that included this information:


Well, we've never ever experienced the min speed of 32Mbps. Our speed is generally around 20Mbps and often a lot lower with 'jitter' (whatever that is) of up to 6ms.

I did report this last spring (when the connection was even worse) and BT moved us to a 'spare line' which improved things but never to the point where we experienced a stable connection and the guaranteed minimum speed.

No that I'm working from home, I have a chance to get this sorted so where is the best place to start. I don't want to speak to someone in India and I don't really want to go through the 'testing for faults in the home' rigmarole. The fault is external and I would like it fixing.

Below is a screen shot of the Info from our hub.



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Re: Slow Broadband

your connection time is vert short at 57min was that due to hub dropping connection or manual reset?  are you having problems with your hub dropping connection?  have you tried connecting to the test socket with a filter to see if this improves line stability - unlikely to immediately improve speed but line stability is first step

check for line noise  dial 17070 option 2  should be silent and best with corded phone   any noise is a problem for broadband

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Re: Slow Broadband

Connection time was because I had not long re-installed the HomeHub 6. I had found this to be unreliable in the past and have been using a TP Link router. As you can see, the connection time now reflects how long the HomeHub has been connected - no drop outs. What we do get though is the internet radio (via Alexa) dropping out for no reason and often have to reboot the router to re-establish a connection. Our Sky box also loses it's connection and I have to reboot that too. My biggest annoyance by far though is the fact that BT guarantee me a min. 32Mbps connection and I'm only getting 20 tops. I've done a quiet line test several times and it is quiet. I've also connected the router to the master socket and though the speed increases, it only goes up to about 22Mbps which is still 10Mbps short of the guaranteed minimum.

What's the best number to ring to get someone out to look at this? I don't want to talk to anybody in India though as I've been there, done that and it's a waste of time.



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Re: Slow Broadband

The number's the same but you may be lucky and get UK CS as a lot has been moved back here.

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