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Slow FTTP Speeds in the evenings

Im looking for some help from BT, I come from a highly technical background and used to be a sysadmin / network admin and had to deal with networking issues in my previous role.

I have noticed a pattern, since i have my Fibre To The Premisis installed. The day it was installed i got a speed test of 200mbps and that i what i am paying for.... since then I have not hit over 120mbps... its particulalry worse in the evenings when sometimes i get 60 or 70mbps..

Speed test on BT's website, never finishes for me

Speedtest now shows 66.84mbps down and 19.84 up.

No one when you speak to BT has any clue about what i am alking about, especially as i am using PfSense... but thye just say there is nothing wrong with the line.... I know there is... nothing has changed my end since the day it was installed... but over time my line has got slower and slower....

2018-12-09 17_31_13-pfSense.home.gateway - Status_ Traffic Graph.png



Anyone else had the same issues ?

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Re: Slow FTTP Speeds in the evenings

you need to contact the FTTP team on 08005874787 as mods here can't help

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Re: Slow FTTP Speeds in the evenings

As imjolly says need to contact the fttp team. It could be related to congestion though.
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