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Slow VPN speeds

Hi all,

Do BT throttle or block VPN traffic in any way? I have tried several VPN solutions now and they are always incredibly slow, i.e. can't reach more than 10Mbps. But when I connect to the same location without the VPN I get full speed. This doesn't make sense unless BT is throttling the traffic.

Any insight appreciated...



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Re: Slow VPN speeds

A VPN will always be slower than when not using it, due to the encryption over, I normally see a 20% loss in speed when using a VPN, each and every packet of data must be encrypted.

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Re: Slow VPN speeds

I normally get decent speeds with my VPN provider, even wtih BT, however since the lockdown and using VPN for work and my own personal compuer security there has been a noticable drop in speed, and warnings from my work Cisco VPN that my service provider is actively targetting my VPN connection and disconnecting me in some cases in the middle of work related meetings via MS Teams etc. to the point I am seriously considering dumping BT now tbh.

My personal security online is a big thing for me, havign been targeted so many times by scammers etc (some of whom were BT employees from their Asian call centres I might add, using perosnal mobiles and customer details to get 3rd parties to call customers!), so when my provider is actively disrupting my connection for no good reason, i.e. what feels like attempts to reduced my security? I think it's very poor on BT's part tbh. Some of my co workers who are also with BT have been experiencing exactly the same issues since being on VPN connections for work!

I don't use my VPN's for anything other than a bit more piece of mind/required by work, for a more secure connection, especially with the wave of sammers trying to taget people during the lockdown etc.

So yeh speeds are sometimes slower on VPN, but in the last week I've seen pings (and downalod speed, strangely not upload speeds?) on my VPN connections jump from a reasonable sub 100 ping to 300 and above, this even to servers that are geographically located within a few miles of the VPN server I'm connected to, so I can only surmise BT are actively cracking down or something.

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Re: Slow VPN speeds

Im Sorry but this is not an acceptable answer. I have Full Fibre 900 and when connected to my work VPN i drop from 856Mbps to 20Mbps max. This is not 20%. BT are throttling these connections and its not fair or acceptable to just take it. I pay over the odds for my broadband for a consistent connection and they are taking the **bleep**!

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