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Slow speeds fibre 150


We have recently moved to BT because our new estate didn't have much choice.

We aren't sure if we need to upgrade or get our speeds looked into. We are currently only getting 48.20 mpbs from 6ft away from the hub.

When the Mrs is watching Netflix and I am trying to watch sky go on my ps4 upstairs it keeps buffering. When checking the speed it's between 20-30 mpbs.

We do get over 100mpbs downstairs but this happens rarely.

Hope someone can help 🙂

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Re: Slow speeds fibre 150

Have you tried using Ethernet connection as wireless is subject to interference from may things in the home.  Are you connecting to the 5ghz network which should give better speed at close proximity to the hub

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Re: Slow speeds fibre 150

A lot depends on the specification of the wifi receivers and their antenna gain. If they can connect at 5Ghz using the wireless 'ac' standard you have the best chance of getting the fastest speeds the hub can supply. The original PS4 is only wireless 'n' and 2.4GHz, for example. One option might be to use powerline adapters for any devices that can't connect at 5GHz. Although, if you're streaming sky go I would think 20-30Mb would be fast enough since they use adaptive streaming, and I think it's only 720p at best (I think). Wifi repeaters might also help.

If you're getting less than 50Mbps 6ft away then the limiting factor will probably be that particular devices hardware or how it's connected to the hub. You could try changing the wifi channels on the hub in case you're getting a ton of interference from a neighbour, although the hub's supposed to pick the best option. WiFi Analyzer is a good app (pc or phone) to see what frequencies are the busiest. Rotating the hub slightly might also improve the signal in some locations (I got a few extra dB upstairs).

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Re: Slow speeds fibre 150

Thank you! I will have a play about and see what I can do.
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