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Smart Hub 2: How many devices can I concurrent have on my network?

My set-up

I have a Smart Hub 2 and 3 BT Discs for a 5GHz SSID and an additional 3 TP-Link APs for a separate 2.4Ghz SSID (because you can’t separate the two frequencies any more and I need them separated). I have a few wired connections either directly to the Smart Hub 2 or to the BT Discs depending on the situation, with one having a small switch connected to allow 3 wired devices to connect to a single Disc; otherwise all devices are using WiFi. DHCP covers to IP addresses with the rest available for static IP addresses, but up to 10 in use currently. The total maximum number of IP addresses in use including the Smart Hub and Discs is 45, but that has never happened, but 30-35 is highly likely.


My Problem

Over the past few days I’ve seen several devices be connected to WiFi, but not be able to actually connect to anything. At the same time other devices have been able to connect without any problems.

I saw that a BT Disc reset itself at one point, which might have been the problem for all those connected to it at the time, but I’m not sure if that is the correct reason as this wasn’t the case a few other times. Each time it happens I’ve got everything back working with a reset of all Hubs, Discs and APs.

Did I reach a maximum limit of devices or was it something else? I’ve heard of 32 devices per SSID is a limit, I have 2 SSIDs plus hard wiring so that should see me to 64+ devices in theory. Do the Discs and Smart Hub share a back haul SSID that gets congested?

Anyway, that’s my speculation, could anyone offer some advice please?


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Re: Smart Hub 2: How many devices can I concurrent have on my network?

I have 69 devices showing on my Wi-Fi network right now and it’s all working fine. I have a lot of smart home devices plus a family of 4 all having their own devices. I have the smart hub 2 with 2 additional discs which share the connections pretty much equally between them. Because smart home stuff often wants 2.4ghz I’ve actually turned off the 5ghz network completely. 2.4ghz is still fast enough for everything, including 4K streaming. Looking at the admin screen it does look like the discs are still using 5ghz to communicate between themselves even though it’s turned off for regular Wi-Fi use. On top of this I also have about another 10 devices on wired connections; Philips hue lighting and Tado smart heating bridges etc. I’ve been surprised how reliable it is.