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Smart Hub 2 - Too many devices?

Hellllppppp!!! 🙂

The past 2 weeks my works laptop has been dropping all over the place. Initially I thought it was the VPN but I've since started to see issues with Netflix on firesticks, home laptops etc.

Everything is up to date, firmware, drivers on machines etc. No noise on the line. Reset BTSH2 to factory just to be sure. BT then connected and found I had 30 devices and said it was way too much and would be causing the issue. Since the problems first appeared I've added 1 more device to what was there previously. Has this pushed it over the edge? Most of the devices (15 or so) are plugs, alexa, firestick etc. Not doing anything 90% of the time.

Connection dropped again a little earlier today so I look at tech logs and found a bunch of ARP dels/adds at the precise time of any outage I see;

  • 13:47:23, 16 Nov.
    ARP [del] br0 86:35:bd:89:69:70
  • 13:47:23, 16 Nov.
    ARP [del] br0 40:5b:d8:14:9f:79
  • 13:47:23, 16 Nov.
    ARP [del] br0 68:9a:87:fd:73:67
  • 13:47:23, 16 Nov.
    ARP [del] br0 02:0f:b5:8d:49:da
  • 13:47:23, 16 Nov.
    ARP [del] br0 ec:fa:bc:93:91:f9
  • 13:47:23, 16 Nov.
    ARP [add] br0(wl1) f0:f0:a4:16:56:f1
  • 13:47:23, 16 Nov.
    ARP [add] br0(wl1) 68:57:2d:34:ec:68
  • 13:47:23, 16 Nov.
    ARP [add] br0(wl1) 68:57:2d:34:f2:a9

............. you get the idea!

Clearly this is what is causing the constant drops but is the router really not capable of 30 devices of which 15 are dormant most of the day?
I've tried creating "groups" and turning off wifi during work hours, but this is shoddy as hell and simply doesnt work.
WFH is becoming a nightmare now, and my only alternative is to look at moving to dedicated modem & decent router like "NETGEAR Nighthawk X4S Smart Wifi Router (R7800)" 
Any suggestions, recommendations, words of advice would be greatly appreciated.
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Re: Smart Hub 2 - Too many devices?

Interestingly, if I enter my home phone number on this page,,  I get the following error;

  • There is no data available for this number. This could be either because it is not a BT line or it is a new BT number that has just been provided. Most new numbers will appear on the checker 24 hours after BT has installed the line.

The line isn't new, been with BT for past 3 years, SH2 for 2 years etc.

Router Status page reports as below;

  • Connection status: Connected
  • Connection type: Fibre Broadband (VDSL)
  • Firmware version: v0.21.03.07094-BT
  • Firmware updated: 7-Sep-2020
  • Serial number: +091298+1847015257
  • Downstream sync speed: 39.999 Mbps
  • Upstream sync speed: 8.071 Mbps
  • Network uptime: 0 Days, 18 Hours 03 Minutes
  • System uptime: 3 Days, 17 Hours 09 Minutes
  • BT Wi-fi status: Activated

Really am at a loss.

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Re: Smart Hub 2 - Too many devices?

Dial 17070, and see if the number that is read out, matches your number.

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Re: Smart Hub 2 - Too many devices?

Yes number matches mine. Quiet line test all fine too.

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Re: Smart Hub 2 - Too many devices?

are you on digital voice?

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Re: Smart Hub 2 - Too many devices?

Yes on digital

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