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Smart Hub 2 WiFi Speed

I've just upgraded from 300Mbps to gigabit.

Speeds via ethernet are bang on but the Smart Hub 2 WiFi speeds are terrible. I'm on 5Ghz on a channel where there is no congestion and I'm close to the router. I'm getting a max speed go 400Mbps.

Is this what others are getting?

I assume I'm going to need to look at a WiFi 6 access point?

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Re: Smart Hub 2 WiFi Speed

What device/make/model/operating system are you measuring your wireless speed on? It is often the device that can not deliver the throughput speeds that people think it should.



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Re: Smart Hub 2 WiFi Speed

Most people probably associate IEEE 802.11n with 2.4GHz Wi-Fi but it is in fact dual band, i.e. it's used on both 2.4GHz and 5GHz.

The SH2 is one of those routers that uses 802.11n (as well as 11a  11ac) on the 5GHz band and so you will never see more than maximum speed of the slowest standard (802.11n).

Although the theoretical maximum speed of 802.11n  is in the region of 900Mb/s the practical maximum is more like 400Mb/s.

Hence 400Mb/s is the most you can expect to get from the SH2.


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Re: Smart Hub 2 WiFi Speed



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Re: Smart Hub 2 WiFi Speed


Yes really.

866 is the speed of IEEE 802.11ac but the SH2 is handicapped by including IEEE 802.11 in its 5GHz band.

If you check the link I posted, you will see the standards for both bands and that .11n is one of the 5GHz standards.

You can imagine the error rate if the SH2 attempted to use the .11n standard at .11ac speeds 

Edit: It clearly shows that the protocol used in your screenshot was .11ac

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Re: Smart Hub 2 WiFi Speed

So how am I seeing 866?

I'm not following your logic, if both devices support 802.11ac they will connect using 802.11ac not 802.11n

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Re: Smart Hub 2 WiFi Speed

As I just added by way of an edit, your screenshot clearly shows that you are measuring the speed of the .11ac protocol

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Re: Smart Hub 2 WiFi Speed

Exactly, so if the OP has an 802.11ac device, which virtually everything will be, you will get 866M and the 802.11n is a red herring.

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Re: Smart Hub 2 WiFi Speed

Testing on an M1 MacBook Pro, iPhone 12 Pro and a 8th gen iPad.

All but the iPad will do WiFi 6.

Not too fussed about my landline so happy to drop Digital Voice support and go with a good WiFi 6 router instead.

Is there anything as good as the Asus RT-AX88U, speed wise, for less than the £300 price tag?

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Re: Smart Hub 2 WiFi Speed

Probably not, the Asus seems very popular.

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