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Smart Hub 2 & BTWifi with FON

We moved house and renewed with BT last month and got sent the new BT Smart Hub 2. Yay!

The problem we have is that our old Hub 3 broadcast the "BTWifi with FON" SSID which was great for our visitors who had BT Wifi (Fon) access as they could use the broadband without us needing to disclose our hub's password.

Our new Hub 2 doesn't broadcast this. In the settings is says BT Wifi isn't active, but when logged into MyBT is shows we have BT Wifi active.

Spoken to 'Technical' who claim the BT Smart Hub 2 doesn't act as a Hotspot anymore and that I'd have to give them the password to the router if I want then to use it. I'm sure that this is wrong as surely BT would want to be expanding their Hotspot network not reducing it?


Can anyone confirm this or advise why the hub isn't showing the "BTWifi-with-FON" SSID?

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Re: Smart Hub 2 & BTWifi with FON

The SH 2 does have BTWIFI just like previous hubs. You could opt out of BTWIFI then wait couple of hours then opt back in

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