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Smart Hub 2 and WiFi discs

Does anybody know if I can follow the same procedure for setting up and pairing the new WiFi disc that came with my new Smart Hub 2 (as part of my new Halo 3 package) to connect my old WholeHome WiFi discs, pairing them with the new hub? 

If the new hub can pair with the old discs, I can set these back up around my (old and large) house to extend the wifi connection, rather than going to the faff (I've read the threads on here!) of ordering additional discs. 


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Re: Smart Hub 2 and WiFi discs


The two systems are incompatible, so you either have to use your old BT Whole Home white discs connected the same way as before, with one always connected to the home hub, or not use them at all, and use the BT Complete Wifi discs.

The Whole Home discs cannot be paired with the BT Smart Hub 2.


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Re: Smart Hub 2 and WiFi discs


Since you have opted for Halo 3 .....

We're so confident that our Complete Wi-Fi discs will give you reliable wi-fi in every room that we offer a £100 money-back guarantee.

They create a single seamless network around your home. One disc is normally enough, but we'll send you up to two more if you're not fully covered - at no extra cost.

You can use our app to work out where to place them, in order to get the best connection.


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Re: Smart Hub 2 and WiFi discs

Thanks, Carlusha...
I'd worked all that out from their blurb (and the App).

The one disc is most definitely not enough (I told them as much when I switched to a new contract — and probably why we needed 3 with the previous "Whole Home" set up).

I've read so much on here about how difficult it is to actually get any more discs sent out I thought I'd ask if it was categorically a 'no-go' to synch the old discs before sending back my old kit. 

Talking of which, this seems to be another weak link in the BT system — I've had 2 reminders but still not received their returns postage bag. I've contacted them to resend one — still waiting! 

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Re: Smart Hub 2 and WiFi discs

Cheers — oh, "Distinguished Sage"...
I knew there would be someone who knew about such things!

I just need to get some additional discs sent out (as I knew I would).
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