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Smart baby monitor

Hi there. The picture keeps disappearing on our newly purchased smart baby monitor. The sound seems fine still but the picture disappears after about a minute, only returning (again for about a minute) when you press the On button. It’s like it’s going into a power save mode or something which is absolutely infuriating as it’s the one device you don’t want that to happen on. The device has charged whilst off for 12 hours plus overnight. Please help! All the best, Alex 

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Re: Smart baby monitor

Hi Alex,
It sounds like the screen has been set to turn off automatically after 1 minute of no buttons being pressed on the monitor. It’s worth checking on the monitor what option has been set via the menu options. It can be set for the screen to turn off at 1, 3 or 5 mins and by default it should be set to off which will result in the picture never disappearing.
Hope this helps
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