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Smarthub 2 And BT Wholehome Discs

I Have just upgraded my BT Package for another 2 years and had a new  Smarthub 2 as part of the upgrade which is supposed to be the dogs bollocks so the agent told me.

However i currently have 5 BT wholehome (white discs) with my current setup (hub 5 router) and have wifi  disabled on my Hub 5 as use the wholehome for my ssid.

I have read on here that the discs still work with the new router via the ethernet cable.

i guess i still have to disable the wifi on the smarthub 2 as well otherwise i will have 2 wifi codes etc

so this begs a question 'Was i mis-sold the Smarthub 2' 

whats the point of me changing it as i cannot make use of the wifi extra antennas!

Will my wholehome wi fi improve as a result?

Id love some feedback as the previous queries on here do not answer my questions.

Regards, j


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Re: Smarthub 2 And BT Wholehome Discs

If you are still to use your Whole Home discs then yes why did you upgrade your HUB unless your HUB is going to offer better internet speeds, what package was you on and what are you on now ?
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