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Sockets not working

I moved into a new build home recently but none of the telephone sockets around the house work. The main line coming in through the EchoLife HG8110H-20 box on the wall is fine though the LOS light is out - I’m not sure what that means.

I wonder if anyone has any suggestions that may help please?

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Re: Sockets not working

you need a phone/broadband contract with an ISP before you will have an active phone line. If you intend to use BT RETAIL then phone FTTP TEAM 08005874787

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Re: Sockets not working

Thanks for responding, I should have said I do already have a contract. My phone only works when plugged directly into the huawei box - all other sockets are lifeless.

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Re: Sockets not working

LOS , loss of service, so you don’t want that lit.
If the developer has installed sockets around the property , then you really would need to speak to them , some only connect them up if you pay for that as an extra.
Are sure they are not RJ45 sockets ( Ethernet ) rather than RJ11 telephony sockets ?
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Re: Sockets not working

Thanks for your help - and for letting me know what LOS means! I’ll follow up with the builders as they are definitely telephone sockets.

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