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Spikes in round trip time and received packet loss on video calls over wifi

Hi all,

I'm having issues with spikes in RTT and packet loss when on video calls which result in the other person freezing for a few seconds and then speeding up as the call unfreezes.

I've been monitoring call quality in MS Teams and during these freezes I've seen RTT hit 800 ms and packet loss hit 23%.

I pay for BT's Full Fibre 300 FTTP service and have a Smart Hub 2. I have no other problems with the service - gaming, streaming and web browsing all work flawlessly as far as I can tell, and speed tests almost always return 280mb+.

In total I have 18 devices connected to the Smart Hub 2 over wifi. Could this be the issue? Is that too many for the hub to handle?

BT have suggested that I use their app to create a group containing two devices and restrict the wifi connection to just those devices in order to perform test video calls. I suspect this is to determine whether something on the network is causing the issue, however this wouldn't pinpoint the culprit.

Can anyone advise if this is the correct route to diagnose the problem? Or I should be doing something else?

Thanks in advance!

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Re: Spikes in round trip time and received packet loss on video calls over wifi

Do you know if you are facing the issue with the same people? It could be someone else in the Teams call  causing the issue. How far are you from the router? Do you think you'd be able to test with a wired connection over the next few days to see how things pan out? 


If you are close with the I.T department at work, ask the Microsoft Teams admin to pull reports about your calls. It will show who's on the calls and what person is causing the call issue. 


Reference article for teams

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