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Stadia offer

Finally managed to get my voucher code for Stadia, which was the offer when I took out Broadband in Jan. Told to use code to purchase from BT Shop but can’t find Stadia in the BT Shop. Am I suppose to be looking somewhere else or is there a link? Thank you.

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Re: Stadia offer

Nothing to do with the BT Shop, it comes from Google.

How do I claim my Google Stadia Premiere Edition?

  1. Choose an eligible broadband package and place an order. We’ll send you an email, usually within three days, confirming the next steps of the process.
  2. After your broadband has been installed, we’ll email you the code you need to claim your Google Stadia Premiere Edition.
  3. Download the Google Stadia App and sign in or register. Follow the online instructions to redeem your code.
  4. Google will despatch your device using your chosen delivery method.
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Re: Stadia offer

Thanks for your reply. I have tried this but it would appear that I have been given a wrong code as it more than the 16 digits required. I shall have to contact BT again. Thank you.

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