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Start Watching Norton


I noticed elsewhere in the community that Norton is replacing Mcafee. I thought I'd find out more about it so log into Your Security on My BT and click the Learn More button to see:- Screenshot 2021-12-15 at 14.15.42.png

which is a bit confusing was it says 15 devices included and also protect up to 15 devices for £4.18 a month first month free. Which is it?

So I click Manage hoping to find more information only to result in being redirected to Norton and find my Subscription Status is Active. I didn't want that (can't see anyway to undo that and I have followed the manage license help info) I just wanted more info about the Norton software. Then later I get an email titled "Start Watching Norton" (can the mods pass this on so the text gets changed to something more appropriate.  Also why am I getting this email as never received an email like this when activating McAfee.

Under the legal stuff it says you have agreed you want to use it immediately. I didn't I just wanted some more information. At least it says £0.00 a month.

So all a bit confusing. 


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