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Streaming Spotify etc, issues.

Desperately need help. Bit of a strange issue.

I have 55mbps downstream of which I am getting around 50-52 mbps. Check.
Wifi Signal in room with router and equipment to my phone around 98%, elsewhere no lower than 70%. Check.

BB connection is stable and no dropouts.


I have a BT Smarthub, with Android TV, Humax Box and Denon HEOS Home Cinema, the latter connected by ethernet. The problem is with the latter.

I am streaming both from the Denon HEOS app (for internet radio) and Spotify Premium (music). Both connect fine, except that during playback, Spotify stops from somewhere between the first track and sixth. This is time related, nothing to do with tracks. The radio does the same in a similar time.

I have done all the right stuff with the phone, WiFi kept awake, and aggressive power management is not monitoring those two apps. When playing via Spotify just through my phone there is no problem. The home cinema works perfectly with the other items, TV, Humax and DVD. So the obvious problem is the streaming between android phone and router, but I cannot for the life of me figure what is wrong. So far, I have spent many hours with Spotify, Denon and Android/Samsung Tech support systems and nobody has come up with anything new. By process of elimination, all that is left is BT and the router. I have only just changed to BT, I did not have this issue with Sky.

This is becoming incredibly frustrating, but I am sure somebody here will know the answer..................PLEASE

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Re: Streaming Spotify etc, issues.

You could always try a cheap (£35) TP Link TD-W9970 router to see if it overcomes the problem.

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Re: Streaming Spotify etc, issues.

@licquorice wrote:

You could always try a cheap (£35) TP Link TD-W9970 router to see if it overcomes the problem.

I would tend to agree with that, I have never had any wireless connection issues with any device, be it Android, Apple phones, streaming music players, or IP cameras, it simply works.

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