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Suspicious Router/Network activity? Man in the Middle Attack....

Hi, grateful if anyone could shed some light.

My setup is:  Home Hub 6 (Smart set up & wifi off) - 4 x Whole Home Discs (white). 

Happily watching a streamed film last night stops & buffers. I notice a few minutes later one of the hubs has gone red through cycle, back to solid Blue. All appears well. 

Get onto  Whole  Home App on Iphone to check status etc & it takes me (not to the usual network visuals about network /discs/devices etc ) but to an initial Whole Home set up page -asking how many discs etc.  Double check on IPAD, exactly the same. But it seems alls connected fine.

So, I then notice on the IPHONE on my Norton security APP warnings " Man in the Middle Attack detected"  "Network Compromised" " SSL Decryption detected" .  Powered down router & back up again, all appeared fine with warning disappeared -"network" secure.  I use strong passwords on both the router itself & the network password for discs. 

Also noticed that both my IPAD & IPHONE do not appear on the Router(Hub)  network map/connected devices at all  ( all other devices do ) although they do appear on the Whole Home network Map. All other devices when checking are classed as "wired" ie which in my limited knowledge would make sense as they are channeling through the wired whole home disc to router  - but the IPHONE & IPAD are classed as "wireless" ?. I have 18 other devices connected. 

Don't know if this is related to the initial request for help above?

Lots of log activity obviously - but I wouldn't know what to look for to see if I've been compromised or whether it's something that's not sinister.  Really appreciate any help. Many thanks. 

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