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TV Box Pro failed recordings AGAIN

I had Vigil and Ruby Wax scheduled for recording at 9pm tonight.  I was watching a recorded program and reached the end of the recording.  When I pressed the Back button, both the scheduled programs started recording.  However this was now 9.10pm.

Later I also noticed that the Grand Prix which I had scheduled for 8pm on 4HD had not recorded, but the repeat on 4+1 had also started recording at 9.10pm.

Combined with the other failed recordings I have had, I suspect I have a faulty box.  What's the best contact number to get someone who can sort me out?


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Re: TV Box Pro failed recordings AGAIN

None of today's scheduled recordings worked.  It appears to be that the box fails to record when it is in standby, although, occasionally, it will. 

My previous 4K box records no problem, so I think I can rule out any problems with the signal.

I have tried to get the box into maintenance mode, but have failed.

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