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TV not connected to internet

I have a Sony Bravia TV

About 2 weeks ago, I noticed that my TV wasn’t connected to the internet (after trying to load up Netflix).

So I tried to connect through Network settings as this usually solves it, however, it didn’t.  I even tried a soft TV reset via TV remote control, but this didn’t solve it either.

So I reset my router (BT HH6) and this solved it.

However, a week later I encountered the same thing and I don’t want to keep resetting my router as I shouldn’t have to.

From googling and researching Sony and BT community forums etc, other people have experienced similar problems where it points to a potentially BT HH6 issue.

I did upgrade mid September and received the BT Smart Hub 6 and everything had been fine (previously, I had the BT HH5 and never had this issue before).

My mobile, desktop PC, console and Sky are all connected btw.  (I have turned off smart setup in the hub aswell).

Please help?

(Btw, TV is connected via ethernet cable)

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Re: TV not connected to internet

Log on to your hub and check if the TV is shown as connected, if not try setting a static IP on the TV settings see if that helps.

Are there any powerline adapters etc involved or is the TV cabled directly to the hub?

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Re: TV not connected to internet

Have you separated the  2.4GHZ and 5GHZ bands on your Smart Hub. Your Sony TV may only use the 2.4GHz band and is getting confused if not separated.

(Don't forget to  alter settings on TV if you do split)


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Re: TV not connected to internet

There have been issues with Panasonic TVs having similar issues because of BTs DNS servers and the solution has been to setup the TV to use Google’s servers of & 

I’ve no idea if this is the problem affecting you but might be worth a try.

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Re: TV not connected to internet


OP posted tv is connected by Ethernet so splitting networks is not going to help

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Re: TV not connected to internet

Yes, I have checked my hub and did notice that the TV was 'greyed' out and this unconnected.

My TV is connected by ethernet cable direct into the router.

(my desktop PC in another room is connected via BT powerline adaptor), never been a problem.

Please tell me exactly how I assign a static IP address, I read this somewhere but need to know the figures?
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Re: TV not connected to internet

Hi Tim,

Many thanks for your reply.

Please tell me exactly how I do this?
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Re: TV not connected to internet

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Re: TV not connected to internet

I would set the static IP to a spare address in the to range. The reason being that these addresses are not in the DHCP pool.
I wouldn't advise using but it wouldn't hurt if you did
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