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Terrible Latency Issues with BT

So, for the past month or so, I've been having terrible latency and packet loss issues with BT.
I've called BT support many times, they've sent out three engineers so far, one of them replaced my phone line from the pole to my house in an effort to help. While it improved the line quality, it did nothing to the latency.

I've spoken to BT and they insist that there is nothing wrong and due to the fact that only speeds are guaranteed and they don't guarantee latency, packet loss or literally any of the other things that can affect your internet, they basically have told me that there is nothing that can be done and there is nothing wrong with the internet according to them.

Attached are some screenshots of ping plotter.

Pinging BT.comPinging


That is a screenshot of me running pingplotter to
As you can see its terrible, but note the time. 
At the exact same time, there is lag when checking latency if im pinging other places too, below is a screenshot of me pinging


pinging google.compinging


As you can see, the exact same time, packet loss occurs and the latency spikes are similar intervals. 

Finally, heres an attachment of me pinging a server in Chicago. just for some added data.

pinging Blizzard Servers in Chicagopinging Blizzard Servers in Chicago


Remarkable isn't it? There is nothing wrong with my internet apparently. I have spoken with BT and they have suggested that there is nothing wrong with my network. I'm stuck 6 months into a 2 year contract. And I can't get out because I'm receiving the "speed" that they guarantee. (I pay for the 80mb download / 20mb upload and I get above 32mb, which is what the guarantee is. But what use is speed when I'm unable to actually use the internet properly?

So right now, I can only escalate this as far as I can, and then push it to the complaint department, and then finally to an ombudsman service. Otherwise I'm screwed for the next year and a half.

Until then, does anyone know how I can possibly do anything about this?

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