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The new email from BT

The ability to hover on sender name and see the real sender ID is IMPORTANT. If I do not recognise an email, and I hover on sender, I can see if it is genuine and decide whether to open it, The new BT Email does not give me that opportunity, therefore I am having to delete emails from sources I am uncertain of.

Deletions.  I list emails in nmae order and select a group to delete by using the CTRL key, or SHIFT key to delete a batch. On the Yahoo mail I cold select a group. move down the screen, select a few more, etc., and then delete. The display would come back to the previous position.]

The new email notes my group selection, then if I move down screen and select a few more the old selected group is removed. I placed my emails in SENDER order, then worked my way through my 2500 emails selecting old ones etc., and my last selection was a group of some ten emails. Deleting my selections simply removed that last ten.

Somebody at BT should have looked carefully at how stuff like Yahoo and Gmail work and this migration should have been at least as good as those products.

The Systems Analysts have probably been ignored by the programmers. Time to go back to the drawing board before customers move away from BT mail, 

Please get it sorted.



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Re: The new email from BT

have you read this post or others on the same subject as your point probably have been covered and possibly answered

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Re: The new email from BT

thanks. The above link says it all...
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Re: The new email from BT

The ability to hover to see the full email address is going to be re-instated at some point in the future. Meantime if you tick the box on the left of the email then go to the "More" button on the menu bar and select "View Source" it will show you the full header of the email or alternatively if you use a "Preview" view it will show you the full email address.

See link about further "fixes" that BT are working on.

As regards deleting emails, 

Click on the box to the left of the first email you want to delete and assuming you want to delete all the emails that are below that you can either press on your keyboard  "shift" key and "PgDn" key repeatedly and it will mark all the other emails with a tick or use the "shift" key and the down arrow. This will also mark all the boxes with a tick or tick the first box you want to delete and holding the shift key move to the last email you want to delete and tick its box and release the shift key. All the emails in between should now be ticked.

If you don't all the emails that have been marked with a tick deleted you need to go down the list and untick the ones you want to keep.

Once you have done that you then click on the "Delete" button in the menu bar which should delete them on mass however if it does not work, once they have all been ticked, you should try to drag and drop them into the trash folder.

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