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Top tip: Don't use any of the settings on BT Whole Home Wifi

Firmware is up to date.  The feature set advertised in the app seems extensive but my experience in real world conditions is that most of the features break the core functionality of working wifi sooner or later.

  • Pause/Resume => internal networks isolated after resume.  Ps4 remote play unavailable
  • Device groups  = Nah.
  • Device groups and Pause / Resume => FUBAR
  • Static IP addresses => FUBAR
  • Restart => Doesn't restart

Things that do work:

  • Disable WPS
  • Disable firmware upgrade
  • Fixed 2.4GHz and 5GHz channels  (1 and 36, respectively)
  • Admin password change
  • WPA2 password change

Used like this it is a basically stable product.  Just stay away from any function that in any way builds on top of this stable base.

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Re: Top tip: Don't use any of the settings on BT Whole Home Wifi

Agreed - I daren't pause the system because it will ALWAYS cause me issues when resuming. I had to do a full factory reset last week to get devices back on after a being brave a trying a PAUSE just one last time. 


Interestingly the factory reset still kept many of the device names I had set - so not a proper factory reset either?


I recomended this product to a friend who is also experiencing the same issues....beginning to wish I hadnt.

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