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Trying to get my Interleaving turned off

Can someone on here help me with getting my interleaving turned off, managed to get an engineer to come round when I got my line first installed and he rang up Openreach no problem and it was off in a matter of minutes. I've had my broadband upgraded to Fibre 2 and its obviously refreshed the line and its settings and I'm interleaved again and its bumped my ping up to 33 instead of 18 and I know they can turn it off again but everyone I speak to from faults to customer service just doesn't seem able to get Openreach to turn it off via the phone and no luck getting an engineer out to help aid the situation. Had a few phone calls where they said oh 24 hours and it should be done but my router doesn't even reset and obviously the problem still persists with my line being interleaved. 

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Re: Trying to get my Interleaving turned off

Give DLM time to rebuild your line profile (not your BRAS profile). If it decides interleaving is no longer required it will turn it off.

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Re: Trying to get my Interleaving turned off

@pippincp Read up that some people wait months on rock solid lines for changes to come into effect, I use this line for work and latency is a big factor for that and I know its a setting they can just freely request to be turned off.

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