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Two Problems - PS4 and VPNs

Hi folks, new here! I was going to log a call with BT, but noticed this forum and thought I'd try here first. I imagine BT will be short-staffed at the moment.

I have recently had BT FTTP installed. My router is the Smart Hub 2. My speeds are typically around 70 Mbps.

First problem I am having, is that I am connected to my work laptop via wifi. I have a Hyper V VM on my laptop which shares this connection. This works fine until I turn on my VPN on the laptop. When the VPN is running, the VM shares a 169.254 private address. If I connect to my 4G network instead, then it all works seamlessly. I only have issues while connected to the BT network.

Secondly, on the PS4 when playing Modern Warfare, I get dropped packets warning icon constantly and the play is not smooth at all. I've tried setting up port forwarding for the game and changed my DNS to Again, the PS4 is connected via wifi to the router and it gets a strong wifi signal. Speed tests on the PS4 come back at around 40 Mbps and ping <25ms.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.



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