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URGENT: Default Registered On Cancelled Email Account

Hello - I have not held a BT telephone since 2014, but kept my BT email address at a cost of £7.50 per month until last September 2019 when I tried to cancel the service.  I struggled accessing my account to cancel it, it kept telling me to reset my password but then wouldn't let me reset it, told me there was suspicious activity etc.  so in the end I just cancelled my direct debit.

I have now found a default registered on my credit file for £38. 

The narrative on Experian shows the account as being settled 22/05/20, and the current status as default/ ended.

I have tried calling BT to no avail, but was told by someone last Thursday that the account was settled and there was nothing outstanding at the time the account was closed.   I tried to speak to someone to ask why a default had been registered on my credit file, but they were unable to transfer me to any other department and told me to email   I emailed this address asking for someone to call me and received the reply below:

From: "" <>
Date: 9 July 2020 at 13:47:24 BST
To:  XXX
Subject: Automatic reply: BT Internet Email

Thank you for your email.

To ensure your query is dealt with in the correct way, please note that we are unable to deal with the following queries therefore we are unable to reply to your email if it falls into one of these categories.

   If your query is about a business account, please email as we are only able to deal with domestic/residential orders.


  •    If your query is in relation to something on your credit file, please contact Equifax directly @


  •    If you have a query relating to a deposit you have previously paid and would like to discuss a refund, please contact our customer service team who will be happy to assist you.


 BT Credit Referrals Team

I don't see why somebody from BT cannot speak to me about a default that BT have registered against my address etc. and provide me with information as to why it has been registered in the first place?

Can someone please let me know what the situation is and how best to resolve this ?

Many thanks.



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Re: URGENT: Default Registered On Cancelled Email Account


and provide me with information as to why it has been registered in the first place?

You said at the start of your post that you didn't cancel the service, you cancelled the direct debit, cancelling the payment doesn't cancel the service, so the service from BT would continue until you give 30 days notice to cease or ceased for non-payment.

It sounds like you were ceased for non-payment and that is why the default has been applied to your credit file.

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