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Uable to view billing page on website and app


Since my last bill was generated, I have not been able to see a breakdown of the charges on the website billing page or through the MyBT app. I have no issues looking up my mobile account which is a totally separate login.

Used the following browsers to no avail; Firefox (default), IE11 and Edge.

I just get three coloured, bouncing dots that do no refresh.

Obviously, paperless for a reason, I don't want to incur a £3 charge to be sent a bill through the post.


Any help appreciated


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Re: Uable to view billing page on website and app

Hi @suttonyoung 

Thanks for your post and welcome back!

I'm sorry you're having problems viewing the most recent breakdown of your bill since you last bill was generated.  Are you any further since you posted this?

If you're still having problems post back as we'll be able to give you a hand from here.



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Re: Uable to view billing page on website and app

Apologies, if I should be starting a separate thread, but my mother has exactly the same problem.  

Can successfully log into MyBT, access all parts, except billing, where it just displays three bouncing coloured dots, but nothing more happens.  Have also tried different browsers, different devices, clearing cache and cookies to no effect. Definitely seems to be an issue at BT’s end.  



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Re: Uable to view billing page on website and app

I’ve just answered my own question!  It seems my mother was logging in successfully as firstname.surname and that BTID had an incomplete profile and when attempting to register an email address to that BTID it said one already existed.  Logged back in using that full email address, here my mother’s profile is complete and now the billing page loads.  

So, the answer is, enhanced security requires a completed profile with a verified email address linked to the BTID.  

Regards, Darren

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